The Committee

Here at YSC, we are dedicated to providing the best service we can, engaging with both the student body and the general public. We are proud of our history, and excited for our future! We would like to thank all our previous committees for their dedication to the cinema and we will continue to ensure YSC is the go-to cinema for everyone!

Chair – Rebecca Caton

Secretary – Stella Huang

Treasurer – Tom Busby

Front of House Manager – Elika Amirhosseini

Front of House Deputies – Gena Clarke, Charles George Breton Crofts

Refreshments Manager – Joseph Stevens

Refreshments Deputies – Tom Busby, Ivan Ndahiro

Chief Projectionists – Ivan Chow, Moss Price

Projectionists – Jed Wagman, Rosie Bailey, Rhiannon Kaye, Mara Semadeni, Lucy Greener, Vlad-Cristian Dragne, Arya Soman, Ivan Ndahiro, Charles George Breton Crofts, Elika Amirhosseini, Elizabeth Greenwood, Kaitlyn Beattie-Zarb, Nalin Gupta, Amy Craner

Film Coordinators – Jed Wagman, Rosie Bailey

Press and Publicity Officers – Moss Price, Tom Busby

Media Representative – William Rowan

Society Liaison Officer – Stella Huang

Social Secretaries – Tom Busby, Rosie Bailey

Webmasters – Ivan Chow, Mara Semadeni

Health and Safety Officer – Rosie Bailey