Trailer Fodder

Trailer Fodder #13: Life

With Amy Cornforth The super bowl gave us a tonne of cool trailers, including this sci – fi flick with Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal and Hiroyuki Sanada, who was in the original Ring movie. After looking at the trailer, there are some thoughts that immediately spring to mind. Primarily, it’s […]

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Trailer Fodder #9 – The Circle

With Freyja McCreery It’s cute, Europa sure tried. Way to make your product look like the next generic, Big-Brother-Is-Watching-You, we’re totally not implicating Apple or the US government in data collection and selling. Oh, and don’t mind the drones.. The trailer starts us off with a trying-to-be quirky, hipstery interview […]

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Trailer Fodder #5: WONDER WOMAN

Amidst an onslaught of superhero movies in the last decade that have largely been led by men, a Wonder Woman movie is long overdue. However, she’s notoriously hard to pin down, and comic writers have for years struggled to decide on what she stands for, and even her backstory. It’s […]

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