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The Thirteenth Doctor: YSC Reacts!

After 54 years and 12 leading actors, ‘Doctor Who’ has finally cast a woman as the Doctor! In a sneak peak released yesterday (see below), Jodie Whittaker was announced as the thirteenth Doctor, sending the world of social media into a buzz. But what did YSC think?  “In one word: […]

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REVIEW: American Gods, Episode 1

Yeah I totally have a dissertation and a script for a conference to write but hey, you know what, I watched American Gods instead. Think I did pretty well to get to Thursday night tbh. Ok so first twenty minutes you’re bathing in the beauty of their character introductions. Succinct, […]

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Westworld… (Spoiler free!)

The best $*%&” series I have seen in years. Have you ever loved something so much that every time you talk about it, you can think of no other words to express yourself than just swearing at its beauty until you run out of breath? Honestly, this is going to […]

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