Q) Who can watch films at York Student Cinema?

Everyone! YSC welcome all University of York students, partners, visiting friends, members of the public, alumni, staff and children. If you are a student you don’t have to be a member of the society to attend. On another note, ID may be requested for films rated 15 or 18 (Student ID will be accepted).

Q) How Do I Find YSC?

YSC operate from lecture theatre P/X/001.
Directions from campus; in the Exhibition Centre is just across Central Hall Bridge and on the right and P/X/001 is just by the exit through the other side (exit near YUSU).

From town or the train station; the bus numbers 4 and 44 go to campus with a return only costing £2. Simply ask the driver for “the University Library” and to be told when that is if you’re unfamiliar with the route. Then head away from the hill till you hit the Market shops. When facing Costcutter take the path down the left hand side till it reaches the lake. Then turn left again till you reach Central Hall (spaceship) about 50m then turn right. If you head forwards you should hit central bridge then follow the above directions.

Q) What Technology does YSC Use?

Our experience of technology since the 1960s has covered a range of cinema history. Currently we use the same technology as any other leading Cinema: A Christie 2000 digital projector (acquired through the generous donations from YFund), Dolby Surround Sound speakers and a large Cinema Scope screen. If anyone has had lectures in P/X/001, rest assured our screen drops down and our speakers are rolled out to make it much more a cinematic experience.

Q) How do YSC get their Films so Soon?

We get asked this a lot but we are not trying to deceive you with our name; we operate exactly the same as a normal cinema apart from that we are run by volunteers so only show three films a week and any money we make goes straight back into the cinema. Our films are all supplied by cinema distributors (and they are not DVDs).

Q) How Do I Join YSC as a Member and What Do I Gain?

YSC is fantastic society to join as we are run exactly as a normal cinema but with a friendlier feel. To join simply turn up to any of our screenings at 6.30 ad we will welcome you to any of our roles.

Our roles include front of house service, working on the refreshments stand, committee members (elections end of spring term), projecting with our digital projector, press and publicity, magazine work and website roles including running our blog.

What do you get from back from YSC? The chance to see all our films for free, the chance to vote on what films we should show, great experience to put on your CV (with so many roles we can really tailor your experience if you want something specific for a career) and great friends with lots of socials (ranging from meals and nights out to film nights).

Q) Can Others Organise Socials with YSC?

We welcome any societies or outside clubs who wish to have a social with us. If you like the look of any of our films, we offer discount for tickets bought in large bulk. If you wish to request a certain film, please be aware we will need plenty of notice (usually a term) and cannot offer a guarantee. For a private screening our films cost us over £200 to show so please be aware this will not be a cheap endeavour.

PLEASE NOTE: Only our trained projectionists have access to our equipment. No-one not associated with the Society will be allowed to access our equipment. The small screen, computer sound and computer projector in P/X/001 are available for everyone to use.

Q) Can I Buy Tickets in Advance?

We currently do not offer an advance ticket option. All tickets are bought on the night from our front of house staff located just outside P/X/001. Front of House opens ticket sales at 6.45pm. Seats are also not allocated so we recommend coming early for popular screenings so as to get good seats. (NB: The back row will always be reserved for Members and societies can reserve their favourite seats)

Q) What Happens if a Showing Sells Out?

At YSC we have a capacity of around 250 people per screening. For health and safety we cannot exceed this this number. If a screening sells out and there is still a demand for it, we will run a double screening which means the film will be run again immediately after the first screening. We are doing our best to predict when this will happen and advertise it in advanced but it isn’t an exact science so that is not always possible! Our front of house staff will advise what time a second screening will start depending on the length of the film. Tickets may be bought early for the second screening or you may buy them before the second screening at the same place.

Q) What does the Refreshments Stand sell?

Our refreshments stand offers the cheapest prices on campus, all located just inside P/X/001! Large bags of sweet and salted popcorn are 59p each or 2 for £1, bags of sweets (inc. Buttons, Haribo, Milky Bat, Aero Mint Bubbles) are £1 and drinks (inc Coke, Diet Coke, Fizzy Lemon, Fixxy Orange and Water) are just 65p!

Q) Is YCS Award Winning?

In 2014, York Student Cinema was awarded York Student Union’s Society of the Year after being nominated by our loyal members. Over the years YSC has won many awards from both YUSU and the British Film Federation Society (BFFS) including Winner and runner up multiple times of their award for Best Student Cinema.

If you have any other questions, recommendations or request, please contact us at ysc@yusu.org and we will get back to you as soon as possible!